Nature vs Nurture: ‘The first EU Commission born in the EU Parliament’?

29 Oct 2014


The new European Commission takes office on November 1 after its requisite run of confirmation hearings with the European Parliament. First Vice President-designate Frans Timmermans observed in his own hearing that the Juncker Commission was “the first Commission born in the European Parliament”. The question for the coming five years of policy and politics is what – if anything - this might mean. Juncker may owe his job to the Parliament, but this fact alone is likely to mean little for the policy substance of his tenure. His legacy will depend far more on his management of the Commission itself, EU states and day to day pressures. This Commission may be born in the Parliament, but for businesses watching it develop over the months ahead it is important to recognise that it will be raised by the European Council, and by events.



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