Global Counsel Europe provides advice and strategic support to businesses navigating political, policy and regulatory developments in Brussels and other EU capitals. Our advisers can interpret and anticipate the impacts of policy initiatives for businesses and other stakeholders, and help clients develop plans for shaping and adapting to them. We have also advised on quasi-judicial procedures such as competition and trade defence cases, as well as decisions on spending, taxation and trade negotiations with non-EU countries.

Global Counsel advisers in Brussels and London, and our wider network of former policymakers in EU capitals, represent experience in every area of public policy and political communications. With sector specialisms including manufacturing, energy, financial services, technology, media and telecommunications, our Practice Leads combine decades of experience working with the European Commission, European Parliament and member states in the EU Council.


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Analysis & Blogs

Push and pull economics of climate investor activism

19 Sep 2019

Bill Gates says climate activists are wasting their time trying to encourage divestment from companies involved with fossil fuels. The impact on emissions to date, according to Gates, is probably zero. Instead, activists should focus their efforts on backing new technologies that will either slow carbon emissions or reduce their impact on the climate. In short, more financial push and less pull is needed by climate activists.

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A defining green moment for sustainable finance

26 Jun 2019

Something that was easy to miss amidst the headlines of net-zero targets and climate emergency is the release of the EU’s Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance’s taxonomy technical report. The name and the length – more than 400 pages – may be off-putting, but this document holds significant implications for the wider sustainability and climate change agendas, because the way that it has defined what is ‘green’ is likely to reverberate across sectors for years to come. 

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The ECB can't match the Fed

25 Jun 2019

The European Central Bank (ECB) and the Fed are both worried about stubbornly low inflation and a weakening outlook. They are both signalling that they will turn the policy dial back towards a looser monetary stance.

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EU infrastructure policy: Key considerations for investors

19 Jun 2019

A key challenge for the European Union’s 2019-2024 policy cycle will be to secure a larger share of the economic opportunities offered by new technologies, in a more explicit race with the United States and China. Hopes in the previous cycle that this could be secured by a new generation of...

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Price and value: how best to measure a company's performance?

10 Jun 2019

In his 2018 letter to CEOs, Blackrock’s Larry Fink set some serious hares running in his insistence on the related concepts of “purpose” and “profit”. While a company’s purpose is irrelevant if it is not profitable, he argues, the former must always drive the latter: “purpose is not the sole pursuit of profits but the animating force for achieving them”. These sorts of assertion only get us – and the policymakers taking an increasing interest in this theme - so far.

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Europe's 5G networks: is Huawei being excluded?

1 May 2019

“No equipment supplier, including Huawei, should, or may, be specifically excluded from 5G roll-out”. These words come from Jochen Homann, the president of the German telecom regulator. This statement was interpreted by many in the media as a concession to Huawei and evidence of Europe’s more measured approach to 5G infrastructure than the US.

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EU merger control and the industrial policy arms race

14 Feb 2019

French finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, called this week for political oversight of the quasi-judicial commission merger control process, creating a new tool to help European industries compete internationally. With the European Parliament and European Commission entering a period of transition next month, national leaders will have space to set the agenda for an EU response to the unorthodox industrial and trade policies of the USA and China.

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Unintended consequences of Italy's fiscal reprieve

8 Feb 2019

During the Eurogroup meeting on February 11th, the European Commission is expected to present a detailed account of its decision to halt the Excessive Deficit Procedure (EDP) against Italy. The back and forth between Brussels and Rome at the end of last year kept some of us at the edge of our seat. But the EDP was not only an existential crisis for Rome and the eurozone as a whole, but also for pro-Europeans in other member states, particularly the Netherlands.

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The Politics of AI

25 Jan 2019

What are the politics of artificial intelligence? What does it mean when we talk about regulating the actions of a machine that expresses intelligence?

"The Politics of AI" report was prepared by GC for a conference in 2019 and covers AI in healthcare, financial services, labour and the...

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The real challenge of Romania's first EU presidency

7 Jan 2019

Romania’s presidency of the EU Council - formally launching this week - has already received a dose of high-profile scepticism both in Brussels and Bucharest. Politicians ranging from president Juncker to president Iohannis expressed doubts about Romania’s preparedness for its first ever stint at the helm of the EU, 12 years after its accession.

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Spain's European reinvention?

30 Nov 2018

I have just spent an interesting week in Madrid talking with people from every part of the political spectrum. There was a lot of talk of Spain flexing its muscles more in Europe. In the background to these conversations, Spain was pushing hard for – and got – concessions from the UK over Gibraltar that prompted Pedro Sánchez to trail the prospect of co-sovereignty for the territory. Everyone notes that Spanish MEPs will have a uniquely strong presence across all of the main pan-European political groupings after June.

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PODCAST: Germany after Merkel with Sir Peter Torry

22 Nov 2018

EUROPE: Global Counsel Practice Lead Thomas Gratowski discusses with Sir Peter Torry, former UK Ambassador to Germany, the future of the CDU leadership after Merkel steps down in December and what it might mean for her chancellorship until 2021.

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For Brussels, Macedonia by any name must be European

2 Oct 2018

The long-anticipated constitutional referendum in Macedonia on Sunday has been watched carefully both in Brussels and in Moscow. The seemingly convoluted question in ballot papers – "Do you support EU and NATO membership by accepting the agreement between Macedonia and Greece?" – in fact provided an unequivocal direction for 1.8 million voters in the Balkan nation.

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Getting into bed with a FAANG

20 Sep 2018

What connects Jean-Claude Juncker with Netflix? House of Cards? Perhaps, but no. Orange is the new black, certainly not. Mathias Döpfner. Maybe. Back in 2014, at the peak of the horse-trading during the Spitzenkandidaten process, legend has it that this article in Bild (owned by Axel Springer, whose CEO is Herr Döpfner) played a decisive role in encouraging Angela Merkel to back Juncker for the role of President of the European Commission.

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Cyber-attacks: testing the EU's defences

3 Aug 2018

British retailer Dixons Carphone reported on Tuesday that ten million customers may have been affected by a cyber-attack. This is yet another example of the privacy breaches that are affecting every day operations of European companies. The Dixons Carphone incident follows other major cyber-attacks. The WannaCry and NotPetya attacks led to substantial financial losses for firms across France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the UK.

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Tom runs Global Counsel’s Europe team from its office in Brussels. Tom has overall responsibility for Global Counsel’s work with the EU institutions and governments in the EU27.


Practice Lead, Manufacturing & Trade

Daniel is Global Counsel’s manufatcturing and trade policy Practice Lead. Daniel has worked on cross-border policy issues for over a decade in a wide range of sectors, including financial services, manufacturing and agriculture.


Practice Lead, TMT

Conan leads Global Counsel’s TMT practice. Conan has worked both in Brussels and Whitehall, as a political and legislative adviser.


Practice Lead, Financial Services

Adam Terry is Global Counsel’s Practice Lead on Financial Services.


Practice Lead, CEE, Russia and Eurasia

Alexander is Global Counsel’s Practice Lead on Russia, Eurasia, Central and Eastern Europe.



Alessandra is an Associate at Global Counsel. She has a background in public policy and European studies, and joined Global Counsel from the European Asylum Support Office, where she supported the Executive Office.


Senior Associate

Desné is a Senior Associate in the financial services practice at Global Counsel. She has 15 years’ experience in financial services, academia, and financial journalism, specialising in capital markets and financial sector policy. 


Senior Associate

Andrea is a Senior Associate at Global Counsel. In previous roles, she has worked on nuclear energy regulatory issues at the Japanese National Diet and geopolitical issues and climate change at Chatham House.


Senior Associate

Franck is a Senior Associate in the TMT practice at Global Counsel. A telecoms engineer by training, Franck is an experienced Brussels political consultant who has advised clients in the telecoms, cybersecurity and space sectors.

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