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The Independent | Generation gap could see the old vote Britain out of EU

4 May 2014

The over-65s could vote Britain out of the European Union even though most people under 35 want to stay in, according to a survey published on Monday. The survey of 1,200 people was conducted by TNS for Global Counsel.

Stephen Adams, a partner at Global Counsel, said: "A quintessential British Eurosceptic might be said to be a man over 55, probably from a working or lower middle class background, living in the South East of England and no longer in full time employment."

Kantar | Scottish independence, impact on business

10 Oct 2013

On the 18th September 2014 Scotland will hold a referendum on the single question "Should Scotland become an independent country?"

Whatever the outcome, a report from Global Counsel warns businesses that the outcome could have both direct impacts - such as the fiscal regime for the oil and gas industry, but also indirect impacts on business through changes in the commercial operating environment - access to the EU single market, currency, and regulatory regimes.

International Business Times | Chancellor Angela Merkel will both win and lose the German election

16 Sep 2013

The reason why a Grand Coalition is the most likely option is that support for the FDP has been withering among German voters and the FDP recently lost in Bavaria's regional elections, where they were trounced by Merkel's Bavarian allies, the Christian Social Union (CSU).

Stephen Adams, a partner at London-based political consultancy Global Counsel and an expert on Germany, agrees that a Grand Coalition is the most likely outcome of voting on the 22 September.

FT Blogs – Beyond BRICS | Russia’s WTO entry: one year on, business is disappointed

25 Jun 2013
Russia & CIS

It took Russia 18 years to get into the World Trade Organisation, but as the first anniversary approaches many Russian businesses are starting asking why the government bothered. “The majority of Russian businesses have felt little or no change following Russian accession to the WTO in 2012,” Global Counsel consultancy said in a report released at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum last week. “The Russian authorities expect that the impact of new competition will begin to be felt after three to five years, but the full impact could take much of this decade to emerge.”

GC Press Release | WPP backs new strategic consultancy

9 Dec 2010

Global Counsel to offer advice to business leaders looking to expand in new markets

WPP announced that it has invested in Global Counsel LLP, a new London-based advisory firm. Global Counsel will provide corporate leaders with support to grow their businesses beyond their home markets.

The company will focus on establishing a client base among companies with global ambitions in the new emerging markets, as well as forming partnerships in the developed world with businesses who want to move into the new high-growth economies.