Latest Press Releases

Latest Press Releases

UK CO2 supply chain weakness exposed by critical shortage

10 Apr 2019

LONDON, 10th April 2019 – The critical CO2 shortage experienced by the UK last summer was caused by a combination of increased demand – with England’s progress at the World Cup and an unprecedented heat wave in part to blame – and outages at key production facilities. But characterisation of the shortage as “a perfect storm” risks ignoring a structural fragility in the UK’s CO2 supply chain that has been exposed by events. Global Counsel explores the systemic reasons for this shortage and outlines proposals for how to avoid it in future, in its latest report “Falling flat: lessons from the 2018 UK CO2 shortage” commissioned by Food and Drink Federation.

Post-Brexit reality requires UK to go further on developing waste and resources policies

25 Oct 2018

LONDON, 24 October 2018 – As the UK prepares for a post-Brexit future a new research note identifies how Britain needs to do more to extract additional value from the £7.2 billion contribution which the waste industry makes to the UK economy. “UK Waste Policy: a mixed bag” by Global Counsel explores the background to why it is a pivotal moment for waste policy in the UK today. The note unpacks key areas of policy debate with a forecast on what’s likely to be addressed in the forthcoming Waste and Resources Strategy from the British government and what’s likely to be left out.

Carlos Gutierrez And Peter Mandelson Offer Recommendations To Governments And Businesses To Ease The Impact Of The Global Trade Crisis

12 Sep 2018

SINGAPORE (September 12, 2018) – In a new joint report, Carlos Gutierrez, Co-Chair of Albright Stonebridge Group, and Peter Mandelson, Chair of Global Counsel, warn business leaders that in the current crisis in the international trading system, companies and investors will need to develop new tools to safely navigate and mitigate risks. They urge business leaders to become more effective in advocating for open trade and investment policies with their home governments and in developing and executing their own corporate foreign policies.

No deal Brexit: will economy be at a turning point?

29 Aug 2018

LONDON, 29 August 2018 – Sluggish business investment, declining goods exports to the EU and mixed signals from consumers are three indicators tracked by Global Counsel which show the UK economy is vulnerable to an upset in the Brexit negotiations. The outcome – and whether there is a deal or no deal – could reset business and consumer confidence and with that see the UK’s unspectacular growth either accelerate or stall. The UK’s Brexit economy is at a turning point, but which way will it turn?

Jyrki Katainen stresses the importance of EU values

12 Jul 2018

BRUSSELS, 12 July 2018 - European Commission Vice-President Jyrki Katainen today called for continued openness and improved competitiveness in Europe in the global economy. Speaking at Global Counsel’s high-level policy event in Brussels, the VP said: “Today more than ever, the EU must continue to stand up for its fundamental values, including democracy and the rule of law, and promote an open, rules-based and fairer international trade order. At the same time, the EU must improve its competitiveness, by notably becoming a digital leader and a more circular economy. Finally, the EU must do more on defence, security and migration policy. If we do this, we will overcome the current challenges but also make the world a better place."

Global Counsel Brexit economic dashboard Q2 2018

14 Jun 2018

LONDON, 14 June 2018 – This is the second quarterly issue of the Global Council Brexit dashboard. Two years on from the 2016 referendum – and with just nine months before the UK formally leaves the EU – we are taking the macro pulse of the UK economy each quarter, using a balanced set of 15 indicators. We are not attempting to isolate the impact of Brexit from all of the other factors affecting the economy, as that is near impossible. Instead, we are providing a health check, to see where the economy is faring better or worse, compared to the years before the vote.

Global Counsel Brexit economic dashboard Q1 2018

12 Mar 2018

LONDON, 12 March 2018 – This is the first issue of the Global Counsel Brexit economic dashboard. 21 months on from the vote – and with just 12 months before the UK leaves the EU - we can now take the macro pulse of the economy, using a balanced set of 15 indicators each quarter. We are not attempting to isolate the impact of Brexit from all the other factors affecting the economy, as that is near impossible. Instead, we are providing a health check, to see where the economy is faring better or worse, compared to the years before the vote.

Foreign investment screening is here to stay. New report from Herbert Smith Freehills and Global Counsel charts impact of politics and public interest on cross-border M&A

26 Feb 2018

LONDON, 26 February 2018 – Major changes are happening globally both to the formal policy frameworks for screening inward foreign investments and the way they are used. Increasingly assertive politicians are adopting new strategies to influence deals, often deliberately creating ambiguity about the state’s power to force acquirers to court their approval. This typically means using more fully the room for discretion that invariably exists within existing legislative frameworks. In some cases, however, politicians are going further and seeking new policy tools that allow for more thorough vetting of investments, often requiring new legislation. The result is a much more fluid and uncertain environment for foreign acquisitions, which makes it essential for investors to understand both the legal framework and the political context they are operating in.