Political and policy risk assessment is an integral part of testing any investment thesis and valuing assets. Global Counsel works with investors to understand and navigate markets where asset valuations, acquisition and disposal can be impacted by changes in regulatory frameworks and approaches, or by political choices and conduct. We provide critical and challenging analysis that is politically and economically-informed and builds quickly into executable strategy. 

Transaction advisory

We work alongside strategic decision makers for projects or transactions, generally combining research with time on the ground in market and drawing on our extensive network to complement the client’s due diligence process.

Examples include:

  • Political due diligence for a PE house on a specialist mortgage provider, against the backdrop of substantial regulatory change.

Event-driven analysis

Global Counsel supports investors that need an unparalleled understanding of political, policy and regulatory events as they unfold. We work with managers to anticipate and respond to events and processes, and build strategies around them.

Examples include:

  • Merger analysis to identify potential political and regulatory barriers to a takeover.
  • Probabilistic scenario assessment ahead of the UK EU referendum in June 2016, to support an event-driven trading strategy.

Portfolio strategy

Anticipating and understanding the impact of political and policy change is an integral part of developing investment strategies at a portfolio, sectoral or country level. We help clients stress-test investment theses and identify new opportunities.

Examples include

  • Review of a private equity fund’s portfolio companies against different future scenarios for the UK’s immigration and visa system.
  • Identifying Brexit-driven opportunities within the London real estate market.
  • Top-down assessment of UK bilateral trade flows by sector, under different Brexit scenarios, to guide bottom-up analysis.