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The UK's relationship with Euratom: What next?

25 Oct 2017

As Global Counsel and Herbert Smith Freehills convene a discussion on the UK’s future relationship with Euratom, this paper provides an overview of the legal and political background. The paper also identifies some of the potential options for mitigating the impact on the UK. Lastly, the paper...


Sicily and the perils of going it alone

7 Nov 2017

Last Sunday’s regional elections in Sicily were the last major electoral test ahead of Italy’s general elections next spring, and they do not bode well for the Five Star Movement. The party had high hopes of winning the contest, in a region that saw the party’s best results in the 2013 general elections.

Digital competition in India and Europe

6 Nov 2017

In New Delhi last week, I joined business and political leaders considering the prospects for the digital sectors in India and Europe. The differences and the similarities, in the outlook and the issues being confronted by policymakers in each market, are equally striking.

Will ANO say ‘Yes’ to Euroscepticism and ‘No’ to Brussels?

25 Oct 2017

The parliamentary elections in Czech Republic last weekend produced an unsettling but not unexpected result. The question now is how this result could affect the relations between Prague and Brussels, and whether Czechia is set to move even closer to its Visegrád Group neighbours, such as Poland and Hungary, in its animosity towards migrants, adoption of the euro and deeper European integration in general?

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