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Global Counsel helps companies and investors across a wide range of sectors anticipate the ways in which politics, regulation and public policymaking create both risk and opportunity – and to develop and implement strategies to meet these challenges.


Helping companies anticipate and adapt internally and externally to policy change.

Private Equity

Providing politically and economically-informed analysis that builds quickly into an executable strategy.


Testing investment theses and anticipating market changes driven by political events and policy changes.


Contributing to public policy debate through commentary, analysis and convening events.


Brexit and the future of UK immigration policy

16 Jan 2017

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has all but ruled out maintaining freedom of movement between the UK and EU post-Brexit. This implies a new migration system, providing recruitment challenges for a range of sectors from social care to agriculture. Businesses should now plan to adapt, but policy...

Who wants a universal basic income?

12 Jan 2017

Interest in a universal basic income is growing at both ends of the political spectrum, albeit for very different reasons. It is also attracting support, and some financial backing, from tech entrepreneurs. The flexibility of the concept explains why it has created such broad interest. It can...

China, the EU and ‘market economy status’: what happens now?

12 Dec 2016

Yesterday marked the deadline to solve the issue of China’s market economy status (MES) and yet nothing has changed in the EU rulebook. However, a reform package is on its way and will probably be agreed at some point in 2017. In the meantime, the EU will likely carry on as usual in anti-...

Trump, the Paris Agreement and the impact on climate change policy

5 Dec 2016

US President-elect Donald Trump has wavered very little throughout his campaign in his stance on climate change – calling it a hoax and threatening to roll-back all regulations and funding supporting it. The Trump win in the midst of climate negotiations left many wondering just how far Trump...


Silicon Valley’s conflict of interest over Trump

15 Feb 2017

In the 2016 Presidential election, Silicon Valley burnished its credentials as a liberal bastion. In the combined counties of San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Alameda, 78% of voters supported Hillary Clinton with only 16% voting for Donald Trump. Last week I visited San Francisco and Palo Alto and heard how Silicon Valley and the tech companies it hosts, many Clinton backers, are still digesting the implications of Trump and struggling to decide whether to prioritise political values or commercial pragmatism.

Scotland’s £12bn export gap

10 Feb 2017

If there is a second independence referendum in Scotland, one of the central issues will be which single market matters more, the UK’s or the EU’s? The latest export statistics for Scotland, published last month, reveal what’s at stake.

A Trump answer to an Obama trade question

10 Feb 2017

On Wednesday next week, the US Trade Representative will hold a public hearing on whether the US should reinstate retaliatory tariffs on various imports coming from the EU, in retaliation for an EU ban on US hormone-treated beef exports.

UK trade deals: a tale of two cities

6 Feb 2017

The British Prime Minister has just returned from an important visit to a large UK trading partner with a controversial and often provocative leader. There was talk of a possible future bilateral trade deal between the two, and agreement to start preliminary discussions to this effect. This was a cause of mild irritation in Brussels, where the UK’s right to trigger such bilateral engagement is contested, and its tendency to break European ranks seen as a political problem.

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