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Global Counsel helps companies and investors across a wide range of sectors anticipate the ways in which politics, regulation and public policymaking create both risk and opportunity – and to develop and implement strategies to meet these challenges.


Helping companies anticipate and adapt internally and externally to policy change


Testing investment theses and anticipating market changes driven by political events and policy change


Contributing to public policy debate through commentary, analysis and convening events


The Politics of AI

25 Jan 2019

What are the politics of artificial intelligence? What does it mean when we talk about regulating the actions of a machine that expresses intelligence?

"The Politics of AI" report was prepared by GC for a conference in 2019 and covers AI in healthcare, financial services, labour and the...

Can the UK parliament take control of Brexit?

15 Jan 2019

As Brexit reaches a critical point, the UK parliament and the UK government seem poised to start a high-stakes battle over the future of the UK’s constitution. Parliament is set to reject the prime minister’s negotiated treaty and strongly opposes the idea of exiting the EU without a negotiated...

The future of cyber resilience in UK financial services

28 Nov 2018

The Global Counsel TMT and financial services teams served as the rapporteurs for the 2018 UK Finance Cyber Resilience Leaders’ Summit, held at Wilton Park on 8-9 October 2018. With cybersecurity now second only to political risk as one of the key challenges facing the UK financial sector, this...


Crimea: lost but not found

25 Mar 2019

Last week marked the fifth anniversary of the Russian annexation of Crimea from Ukraine (referred to as “accession” in Russia itself). President Putin descended on to Crimean soil to mark the date by opening new power stations while Moscow staged a three-day street festival to remember the Crimean “homecoming”.

Big Tech, digital competition and the new frontiers of energy policy

19 Mar 2019

Last week, the UK government’s Digital Competition Experts Panel published its report ‘Unlocking digital competition’, addressing the role and economic power of large tech firms. The report, also known as the Furman review after lead author Jason Furman, may not have been obvious reading for the energy sector on a day when the Chancellor announced several climate measures in his Spring statement.

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