Global Counsel is an advisory firm, working with clients to navigate the critical area between business, politics and policymaking.

Global Counsel helps companies and investors across a wide range of sectors anticipate the ways in which politics, regulation and public policymaking create both risk and opportunity – and to develop and implement strategies to meet these challenges.


Helping companies anticipate and adapt internally and externally to policy change


Testing investment theses and anticipating market changes driven by political events and policy change


Contributing to public policy debate through commentary, analysis and convening events


Falling flat: lessons from the 2018 UK CO2 shortage

10 Apr 2019

The critical CO2 shortage experienced by the UK last summer was caused by a combination of increased demand – with England’s progress at the World Cup and an unprecedented heat wave in part to blame – and outages at key production facilities. But characterisation of the shortage as “a perfect...

The Politics of AI

25 Jan 2019

What are the politics of artificial intelligence? What does it mean when we talk about regulating the actions of a machine that expresses intelligence?

"The Politics of AI" report was prepared by GC for a conference in 2019 and covers AI in healthcare, financial services, labour and the...


Are competition regimes ripe for change?

17 Apr 2019

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests corporate market power may be increasing and that this is damaging macroeconomic performance. Moreover, the effects may be strengthening as the market power of some firms becomes more entrenched and capable of exploitation. This, combined with growing political attention in some major economies, means policymakers may come under increasing pressure to overhaul their competition regimes.

Meat analogues in the EU: A cut above the rest?

8 Apr 2019

First it was tofu, then it was quorn, and now meat derived from a single animal cell and thus the creation of a new term – meat analogue. The meat analogue industry is one of the fastest growing consumer goods segments. It is also one of increasing political volatility and one in which regulation is struggling to keep up in a way that spurs innovation and shifts consumer behaviour. 

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