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UK investment policy

1 Aug 2019

The International Trade Committee has published the report of its inquiry into post-Brexit international investment arrangements: UK investment policy. The report reviews a wide range of important international investment issues linked to the UK’s exit from the EU.

Global Counsel...

Cars in the City: Realising the future of urban mobility

4 Jul 2019

As technology changes every aspect of our economy and society, policymakers across local and national government have set out visions of how they want urban transport to be revolutionised: clean, green vehicles, with significant uptake of public transport and active modes like walking and...


The new speaker of the British House of Commons could influence the Brexit outcome

20 Sep 2019

In modern times, the speaker of the House of Commons has not been a significant determinant of political outcomes in the UK. This makes the current speaker, John Bercow, an unusual figure. Whilst navigating the fraught Brexit process, he has authorised several procedural innovations that have enabled backbench MPs to commandeer control of the chamber from the government.

PODCAST: The future of finance with Paul Myners and Huw van Steenis

19 Sep 2019

Global Counsel financial services practice lead, Adam Terry, talks to GC vice-chair and former UK City minister, Paul Myners, and Huw Van Steenis, whose major report for the Bank of England on “the future of finance” was published earlier this year. They discuss the trends facing the sector, the battle between financial firms and tech players for dominance, and what steps policymakers and regulators can take now to future-proof one of the UK’s most profitable industries.

Push and pull economics of climate investor activism

19 Sep 2019

Bill Gates says climate activists are wasting their time trying to encourage divestment from companies involved with fossil fuels. The impact on emissions to date, according to Gates, is probably zero. Instead, activists should focus their efforts on backing new technologies that will either slow carbon emissions or reduce their impact on the climate. In short, more financial push and less pull is needed by climate activists.

What does it mean for finance to be "open"?

19 Sep 2019

We are now 18 months on from the launch of the UK’s Open Banking initiative, which empowers consumers to demand that their bank share their financial data with third parties who can provide account aggregation or payment initiation services. 

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