The Team

Global Counsel’s senior team are former public policymakers with backgrounds in a wide range of business-critical policy areas including: financial services, energy, technology, media and competition regulation. They have worked in national governments, European institutions and in cross-border policy areas including foreign affairs and trade. They have a range of international backgrounds and speak more than a dozen languages.

The Global Counsel Team:



Peter is Co-founder and Chairman of Global Counsel. He is a former European Trade Commissioner and British First Secretary of State. As Trade Commissioner between 2004 and 2008, he negotiated trade agreements with many countries and led European negotiations in the WTO Doha World Trade Round.

Prior to this, he held a number of Cabinet posts under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown including Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, Northern Ireland Secretary and Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills. He was Member of Parliament for Hartlepool in the UK from 1992 until 2004 and Director of Campaigns and Communications for the Labour Party between 1985 and 1990.

As well as Chairman of Global Counsel, Peter is European Chairman of BlueVoyant, a cyber security company, and Senior Adviser to Lazard. He is President of the German-British Forum, the UK’s primary bilateral forum for promoting dialogue on German-British business, social and political issues and President of the Great Britain China Centre. Peter is Chairman of the Design Museum in London and Chancellor of Manchester Metropolitan University. He is also President of Policy Network.

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Managing Director

Benjamin is Global Counsel’s Managing Director and co-founder, and leads the business. He supports clients on market access issues in Europe and Asia, and leads client teams working on issues ranging from technology to natural resources.

Benjamin has a background in business and politics with a career split between working in the media and government. His last role in government was as the Director of Strategic Communications for the British Prime Minister between 2005-7. Previously, he worked in the Department of Trade and Industry, and the Cabinet Office. His business career includes roles in publishing in both the UK and Russia.

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Vice Chairman

Paul has an extensive knowledge of financial services. He served as a minister in the British Government between 2008 and 2010, at the Treasury as Financial Secretary. 

His corporate roles have included directorships of NatWest, Lloyd's of London and the Bank of New York. He previously served on the Court of the Bank of England and the board of Singapore's GIC. He is currently a general partner of Cevian, the largest "activist" fund in Europe, a director of CQS and RIT Capital Partners and a managing partner for Autonomous Research. He has chaired a number of public companies including Marks & Spencer, Land Securities and The Guardian Media Group. He is currently Chairman of Windmill Hill Asset Management. 

He has also chaired Tate and The Low Pay Commission and is a past President of The Howard League for Penal Reform. He sits as an unaligned crossbencher in the House of Lords.


Senior Director

Stephen is a Senior Director of Global Counsel. Stephen has more than 15 years of experience in European and British public policy and regulation, chiefly in the field of international economic policy, trade policy, cross-border financial services policy and European integration.

He has advised senior politicians and policymakers in roles in the European Parliament, European Commission and Whitehall on a range of business policy and trade issues, generally with a focus on cross-border issues. He has also been an Executive Director of Goldman Sachs International, based in London.

At Global Counsel, Stephen leads teams advising Global Counsel clients navigating EU and UK policymaking and politics, anticipating and adapting to political and policy change. He has advised clients across a wide range on policy areas and strategic challenges, generally with a cross-border dimension, from banks adapting to a diverging landscape of financial services regulation to global manufacturers anticipating the challenges of a UK exit from the EU single market.

Stephen works with the leaders of many of Global Counsel’s clients to deepen and refine their understanding and engagement with the policy process.

Stephen also oversees Global Counsel’s output of public analysis and commentary. 

Stephen is an Honorary Fellow in the Global Governance Institute of the Department of Politics at University College London.

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Senior Board Adviser

John has spent his career growing and supporting businesses in ASEAN. He currently sits on the board of a number of ASEAN corporates including Mapletree Industrial Fund, NSL Ltd, KrisEnergy and Abaca Capital PTE Ltd.

He has over thirty years’ experience in investment banking and law and was previously a director and senior advisor for Goldman Sachs. Prior to this, John spent almost 20 years as a lawyer, including a period in the Singapore Attorney-General’s Chambers office. He has invested and advised on buyouts in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo and London.

In the public sector, John was Deputy Director of the Commercial Affairs Department in Singapore’s Ministry of Finance. 


Chief Economist

Gregor leads on economic analysis at Global Counsel. Gregor has over 20 years of experience working on international economic and political issues in the public and private sectors and as an academic.

Before joining Global Counsel in 2014, Gregor was the Chief Economist of the British Foreign Ministry for six years and, before that, he worked for the Bank of England and the British Treasury. He has provided advice on a wide range of international economic issues to ministers and the governors of the Bank of England. Earlier in his career, he worked in the private sector as a consultant for the strategy firm Marakon Associates, where he served clients in financial services, and as an academic at Oxford University.

At Global Counsel, Gregor advises clients on how political and policy developments impact on the economic and commercial environment they are operating in. Much of his recent work has focused on the negotiating dynamics and the implications of Brexit for companies in the UK and in the rest of Europe. He also advises clients on how they should assess and develop strategies in response to political risk in emerging economies and on the international spill-overs from the Trump policy agenda.  

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Director of Finance & Operations

Christopher is a finance and accounting professional with over fifteen years’ experience. His background is in financial and management accounting, working at companies of differing sizes from start-ups to multinational corporations in retail, entertainment and technology, where he held senior positions covering finance, operations and compliance. 

Most recently, Christopher has worked at a PE backed start-up technology company and helped it to commercialise the concept and successfully roll out the operations in Europe, USA and Canada.



Senior Adviser

Nicola is a Senior Adviser at Global Counsel. Previously, she was Minister of Public Health and Innovation in the British government and Chair of the Science and Technology Select Committee in the House of Commons. Nicola is also chair of the Human Tissue Authority and holds a number of board positions with health and innovation companies. 

As well as her background in political office, Nicola brings experience from the health sector and academia. She contributes to Global Counsel’s work in policy areas related to technology and healthcare, amongst others. 



Senior Adviser

Geoffrey is GC’s lead consultant on business and industrial policymaking, with a particular focus on energy. 

Geoffrey is an expert in energy and industrial policy and has been at the heart of business policy-making in the UK for the last decade. He was one of the key architects of Britain and Europe’s current approach to energy policy and climate change. He was a special adviser at the UK Department of Business in Whitehall. Before this, he worked for more than ten years as the principal business adviser in 10 Downing Street to Prime Minister Tony Blair and subsequently to Gordon Brown.



Head of Delivery

Belma is Head of Delivery. At Global Counsel, Belma works closely with the senior team to oversee client and research workflow, along with the identification, tracking and development of business development efforts.

In addition to this, Belma also coordinates with Global Counsel’s Singapore team to support clients in Asia, with a particular focus on South Asia and ASEAN. She is also responsible for managing Global Counsel’s live programmes, including the production of Global Counsel’s annual European-Indian private forum.



Head of UK

Leo leads Global Counsel’s work in the UK from its office in London. Leo has spent most of the last decade advising corporates, investors and politicians on business-related public policy in the UK. He has advised two UK Secretaries of State for Business, Innovation and Skills on economic policy, and has led several policy teams at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI). He has also worked at think tanks including the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR).

At Global Counsel, Leo helps clients anticipate and navigate politics and policy in the UK, including Westminster, the devolved nations and the English regions. He advises a wide range of businesses and investors in sectors including financial services, FMCGs, real estate and health, drawing on technical expertise in areas such as tax policy, M&A policy and corporate governance. He also provides senior counsel to CEO-level clients on how to communicate credibly about public policy in the UK.

Leo also leads Global Counsel’s service for investors in the UK seeking to understand how politics and policy can impact specific transactions, trading strategies and portfolio allocation.

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Head of Asia

Ying runs Global Counsel’s Asia team from its office in Singapore. Ying has a background in public policy, development and international relations. She has advised senior UK politicians including the Prime Minister, having started her career in the British government where she worked in 10 Downing Street and held a number of roles in the UK Department for International Development in London and Africa.

At Global Counsel, Ying leads client work in Asia. Her work revolves around supporting Asian clients investing and trading overseas, and advising European and American clients on political economy issues and stakeholder engagement in Asia. She has focused on issues around trade, market entry, reputational risk and sustainability, and has worked on client projects in countries including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Maldives, Nigeria and Gabon.

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Head of Europe

Tom runs Global Counsel’s Europe team from its office in Brussels. Tom has overall responsibility for Global Counsel’s work with the EU institutions and governments in the EU27.

Before joining Global Counsel, Tom gained more than a decade of experience in the UK government, including overseas postings to Vienna and Brussels, where he was responsible for negotiating single market regulations and common policies on tax and investment incentives.

Tom has particular expertise in the policy frameworks for financial services, manufacturing, technology, media and telecoms sectors. He supports clients in navigating regulatory processes and in delivering public policy advocacy campaigns in Brussels and across the EU.

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Practice Lead

Elizabeth leads Global Counsel’s work on sustainability, natural resource policy, and agriculture. She has more than ten years of experience in sustainability policy and project development, primarily in the fields of natural resource management, agriculture, climate change, food security, forestry, and supply chains.

She has served as an advisor to the United Nations Committee on World Food Security and to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, where she specialised in responsible investment, smallholder engagement, migration, and climate change. Prior to joining the UN system, Elizabeth held a range of roles working in private consulting, development finance, and environmental advocacy throughout Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Elizabeth is also a former Fulbright Fellow.

At Global Counsel, Elizabeth leads teams advising clients navigating sustainability, climate change, and natural resource issues in both policy and private ventures. She has advised clients across a wide range of sectors including commodity companies in Asia, global insurance providers, and private equity investors active in the sectors exposed to environmental policy.

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Practice Lead

Daniel is Global Counsel’s trade policy Practice Lead. Daniel has worked on cross-border policy issues for over a decade in a wide range of sectors, including financial services, manufacturing and agriculture. He has advised the European Parliament Trade Committee on market access and financial regulation, including on the ratification of EU trade agreements, such as the EU-Korea FTA. Daniel is also a Research Associate at ECIPE in Brussels.

At Global Counsel, Daniel leads teams advising financial services, manufacturing and agribusiness clients on trade policy issues, with a particular focus on market access and compliance frameworks such as rules of origin. Daniel also works with a number of clients on anticipating and adapting to policy and regulatory changes in Europe, Asia and Africa.

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Practice Lead

Conan leads Global Counsel’s TMT practice. Conan has worked both in Brussels and Whitehall, as a political and legislative adviser. Before joining Global Counsel, he was Special Adviser to the British Deputy Prime Minister on technology, trade and the European Union and, prior to this, spent several years as a political adviser in the European Parliament to senior MEPs on international trade and financial services legislation.

Conan coordinates Global Counsel’s support for technology, media and telecommunications clients. He has advised leading companies on a range of policy challenges including: the impact of Brexit on the e-commerce and software sectors; competition, consolidation and investment frameworks in telecoms markets; employment policy and the ‘gig economy’; and the impact of data protection, localisation and cybersecurity legislation. 

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Practice Lead

Matthew is Global Counsel’s Practice Lead for energy. At Global Counsel, Matthew leads teams advising clients on understanding the impact of changing EU and UK energy and climate change policy and regulation on their businesses. He has worked with clients across the energy sector, from oil and gas majors to renewables investors, with a particular focus on how they understand and navigate the policy challenges of the transition to a low carbon energy system. Matthew works with a number of clients on understanding the policy implications for both the UK and the EU of the UK’s exit from the EU.

Matthew also works closely with clients in the sector on thought leadership and the publication of insights and analysis.

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Practice Lead

Kirstie leads the Programming practice at Global Counsel and serves as producer for our summits and platforms. She works in close consultation with sector specialists across our wider consultancy practice to deliver multi-stream platforms that define debate.  

Kirstie has handled programme creation, communications strategy, event delivery, and speaker and VIP management for conferences and summits around the world. Prior to that, she was a magazine editor, then director of strategy for the Middle East for one of the world’s largest PR networks.



Practice Lead

Chichi is a Practice Lead at Global Counsel. Chichi has ten years of experience in food and agriculture and sustainability public policy and regulation, in particular, ASEAN food security policy as well as trade and competitiveness policy.

She has worked in various sectors, the Philippine government and multilateral organisations such as the International Finance Corporation and Global Green Growth Institute on a wide range of agriculture-related issues and sustainability policies. She has also been a Consultant for the Economics & Country Risk team of IHS Markit, based in Singapore.

At Global Counsel, Chichi leads the ASEAN practice advising clients navigating the regional political economy and policies. She has worked with clients across a wide range of sectors on policy areas and strategic challenges such as adapting to policy changes and updates regarding sustainability and understanding the impacts of their operations on the economy and social aspects, especially in ASEAN. 

Chichi also works with the leaders of many of GC’s clients to deepen their understanding of the socio-economic implications of their operations and the engagement with the policy process. 



Practice Lead

Tom is a Practice Lead for political due diligence at Global Counsel. Tom has over ten years’ experience working in UK politics in the Westminster parliament, and subsequently in political consultancies. Most recently, he has specialised in advising private equity funds and other investors on political risk in the UK and Europe. He has worked on over 50 M&A processes across a broad range of sectors.

At Global Counsel, Tom advises investor clients on navigating UK and EU politics, policy and regulatory frameworks. He specialises in health, education and business services. He advises investors on political risk and opportunity at the point of investment and on strategies to accommodate the consequences of political change throughout the investment cycle.

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Practice Lead

Alexander is Global Counsel’s Practice Lead on Russia, the CIS, Central and Eastern Europe.

Prior to joining Global Counsel, Alexander worked for ten years as chief UK correspondent at the leading Russian news agency, RIA Novosti, covering UK and international politics and Russian businesses globally. Prior to working in the UK, he worked for RIA Novosti in Moscow and Prague.

At Global Counsel, Alexander advises international clients on Russian market entry, the impact of Russian sanctions and navigating Russian policymaking. He also supports the Global Counsel Europe team with his expertise in CEE politics and policymaking. Alexander specialises in the TMT, pharmaceuticals, aviation and travel industries.

Alexander also handles international media relations for Global Counsel.

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Practice Lead

Adam Terry is Global Counsel’s Practice Lead on Financial Services. Adam joined Global Counsel from the European Parliament, where he was political adviser to Anneliese Dodds MEP and John Howarth MEP, specialising in financial services and tax policy. Prior to this, Adam was Head of Public Affairs at the housing and homelessness charity Shelter.

He started his career in the UK civil service, where he worked across a range of government departments and policy areas, from preparations for the London 2012 Olympic Games in the Department for Culture, Media and Sport; through managing counter-narcotics programmes in the British Embassy in Afghanistan; to preparing the Prime Minister for weekly PMQ sessions in 10 Downing Street.



Practice Lead

Thomas is a Practice Lead in Global Counsel’s macro team. He joined Global Counsel from the World Bank, where he was a consultant, focusing on country strategy in the Middle East and North Africa. He has also worked for a member of the German Bundestag, and a research project of the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Thomas advises clients on macroeconomic and geopolitical developments, in particular in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. He provides strategic advice for clients with an interest in the Gulf, and helps European corporates understand sanctions, political risks and commercial opportunities in Iran. He has also helped investors in the energy sector assess political and macroeconomic risks in North Africa. Thomas also supports Global Counsel’s Brexit work with macroeconomic analysis and covers European political developments with a focus on Germany. Besides native German, he also speaks French and is conversant in Arabic.

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Marketing Lead

Karolina leads the marketing function at Global Counsel. Karolina holds CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing and a degree in Politics. Karolina has experience in marketing and communication in not for profit and public sector organisations.

At Global Counsel, Karolina is driving marketing, PR and social media strategy, working alongside the senior team.



Senior Associate

Joe is a Senior Associate at Global Counsel. Joe spent three years as a UK parliamentary adviser, working for two government ministers. He has a detailed knowledge of the procedures of Westminster, and the politics and internal procedures of the Conservative Party.

Before joining Global Counsel, Joe worked at one of the UK’s three largest financial communications firms advising FTSE 100 and 250 companies. At GC, Joe is part of the firm’s growing UK practice. He advises clients on policymaking and politics in the UK, including crisis communications. He has experience advising clients across a wide range of policy areas, including financial services, digital and food and beverages.



Senior Associate


Brigitta Kinadi is a Senior Associate in Global Counsel’s Singapore office. She has a background in International Studies and Journalism, and has experience working in the consulting, media, and tech industries in Indonesia, Hong Kong, and the US.

At Global Counsel, Brigitta supports the Asia team’s work with clients in the region, focusing on political and economic developments in South East Asia. Brigitta is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia.



Senior Associate

Desné is a Senior Associate in the financial services practice at Global Counsel. She has 15 years’ experience in financial services, academia, and financial journalism, specialising in capital markets and financial sector policy. 

At Global Counsel, Desné specialises in the regulation of cross-border financial services and financial technologies. She is a specialist in emerging markets frameworks for financial services, with particular experience in the regulatory politics and policy of Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Before joining Global Counsel, Desné’s past roles have included senior roles advising both public and private sector clients at Alexander Forbes Financial Services and thought leadership at Investec Asset Management. 

Desné is a fellow in international political economy at the Wits School of Governance, the leading public policy school in Africa. Desné has lectured on public economics and legal aspects of international finance at Wits and SOAS. She has written for a range of financial media, including the Financial Mail. Desné was named in Innovate Finance’s 2017 Women in Fintech Powerlist for work on financial services.  



Senior Associate

Andrea is a Senior Associate at Global Counsel. In previous roles, she has worked on nuclear energy regulatory issues at the Japanese National Diet and geopolitical issues and climate change at Chatham House. Her policy experience also comes from time spent working in the Japanese House of Representatives and for the British-Japanese Parliamentary Group in the UK. She has worked on policy research projects relating to security and economic issues in Asia in partnership with Harvard University, as well as supporting Track II diplomacy between Washington DC and Tokyo.

At Global Counsel, Andrea is part of our energy practice, supporting clients in dealing with issues including energy and climate change policy.

Read posts by Andrea on the Global Counsel blog.



Senior Associate

Rishi is a Senior Associate in Global Counsel’s UK team, supporting clients in navigating Westminster and local government policymaking processes. Rishi has a background in political consulting and corporate communications, and has previously also worked in Whitehall.

At Global Counsel, Rishi advises clients on the UK policymaking landscape, with a particular focus on financial services, technology and infrastructure.



Senior Associate

Franck is a Senior Associate in the TMT practice at Global Counsel. A telecoms engineer by training, Franck is an experienced Brussels political consultant who has advised clients in the telecoms, cybersecurity and space sectors. He also has first-hand experience of the workings of the European Commission in humanitarian aid and civil protection.

At Global Counsel, Franck advises clients engaging with and responding to the EU’s Digital Single Market agenda and wider trends and changes in ICT, telecoms and technology policy and regulation.  

Read posts by Franck on the Global Counsel blog.



Research Associate

Alessandra is a Research Associate at Global Counsel. She has a background in public policy and European studies, and joined Global Counsel from the European Asylum Support Office, where she supported the Executive Office. She previously worked at the Malta High Commission in London during Malta’s first Presidency of the Council of the EU and also worked at the European Parliament Information Office in Valletta. 

At Global Counsel, Alessandra specialises in Technology, Media and Telecoms (TMT), helping to support clients on policy areas such as payments and the future of work.

Read posts by Alessandra on the Global Counsel blog.



Research Associate

Mollie is a Research Associate in Global Counsel’s Asia team. Mollie previously taught English in Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. At Global Counsel, Mollie assists teams with research and analysis. In her work, she has a focus on environmental legislation and sustainability, as well as political monitoring in Russia and the CIS.

Read posts by Mollie on the Global Counsel blog.



Research Associate

Niall is a Research Associate in Global Counsel’s London office. He supports clients by monitoring and advising on policy, regulatory and political issues across Whitehall, Westminster and the UK. Examples of recent work include political due diligence on a financial services provider for a prospective investor, a report mapping the UK infrastructure pipeline for an overseas fund, and a strategic review of the professional services sector’s adoption of technology and workplace regulation for a UK corporate.



Research Associate

Ana is a Research Associate in Global Counsel’s Europe Team. Prior to joining Global Counsel, Ana reported on policy developments in the EU and its member states, and published policy recommendations on a wide range of issues including Brexit, security and defence, citizen participation and the European Pillar of Social Rights.

Ana also previously worked at the British Embassy in Spain and the European Parliament’s Directorate-General for External Policies. She has a background in journalism and has reported on international affairs for Spanish and U.S. media. Working as a freelance researcher, Ana published articles and analyses on matters concerning the EU and the Middle East for El País and Spanish think tanks.

At Global Counsel, Ana advices clients on EU public policy and political developments, including key events such as the European Parliament elections.



Marketing Associate

Matilda is a Marketing Associate at Global Counsel. Matilda’s work largely focuses on communication and publishing activities. She also assists in delivery of events and stakeholder relations.



Executive Office Manager

Maree oversees the running of Global Counsel’s London office and helps coordinate travel and logistics for the senior Global Counsel team. She has a background in campaign and events management and has worked in the UK Labour Party, the Westminster Parliament, No 10 Downing Street and the private office of Tony Blair.  She has had roles in a number of national election campaigns, including events management for the successful Labour campaign in the 2005 UK General election.



Legal Counsel

Richard is Global Counsel’s in-house legal adviser. He trained with Linklaters and had secondments to their Hong Kong and New York offices, as well as to the global markets division of a leading investment bank.

Before joining Global Counsel, Richard was a partner with Ashurst for 15 years, specialising in international finance matters, followed by in-house roles in the asset management and infrastructure sectors.



Executive Office Assistant

Kitty supports Global Counsel’s senior team, primarily supporting Peter with his diary and coordination for other colleagues in the office. Kitty’s background is a mixture of corporate support and private secretary work.



Executive Team Assistant

Danielle supports Global Counsel’s senior team and Advisers, whilst also assisting with marketing activities. Prior to joining Global Counsel, Danielle worked at a tech start-up as a part of their operations team. She has a degree in Classical Civilisation.



Marketing & Admin Assistant

Zainab assists the marketing team with event delivery and communications activities, and works with the office support team to help ensure the smooth running of the office. She is currently completing an apprenticeship and working towards a qualification in business administration.