Giulia Corsi


Senior Associate

Giulia is a Senior Associate in the Global Counsel health policy team. With a background in market intelligence, she has been part of research teams working on various data analysis products, market intelligence reports and a variety of data driven health consultancies. Her previous experience includes working on researching market intelligence for health and social care markets, particularly in the care of older people and the primary health care markets.

At Global Counsel, Giulia works within the UK team, specifically working in UK health policy. Her main role is to deliver research, analysis and advice for clients on health and social care policy. She works on alongside the UK team on design and support of policy related project and events. She also monitors relevant health and social care policy, regulation and political developments.

Articles by Giulia Corsi on the GC Blog and GC analysis

Public health policy - the obesity debate

15 Feb 2019

Between 1993 and 2017, the percentage of overweight or obese adults in England has risen from 53% to 64%. While year on year increases have remained stable, it is an ever-growing area of concern as population health shifts from mortality to morbidity. Meaning that though life expectancy is increasing, so are the number of years spent in ill health. It is undeniably one of the biggest risk factors in our modern society for non-communicable diseases, along with smoking and alcohol consumption.